Hadley Harvest
Julie Masciandaro
(207) 323-1409

Welcome to Hadley Harvest! I am a small business inspired by nature and its beauty.

Hadley Harvest was dreamed of to enhance nutrition and taste by growing microgreens on a small scale. I tend to microgreens myself to make sure they are the highest quality and most importantly the optimal flavor.

Forest Flower Wreath

As I moved to my new place in Jackson, Maine, I fell in love with the surrounding forest. While taking a walk after a strong winter storm I found an amazing stick with a lush mass of lichen on the top. I had found a forest flower! That night by the wood stove I looked at the pine cones I had gathered and thought I could transform Maine's state flower (pine cones) into Forest Flowers.

Pine cones are gathered on my walks. From there the flower crafting begins! Each forest flower is dyed or painted and then individually cut and hand placed into floral arrangements and wreaths.

Forest Flower Vases

I am inspired by the beauty that is Maine forests - wood is gathered from the area surrounding my house and cut into vases. Sticks, moss and lichen that I stumble across in my journeys are used as accents.

Every piece is handmade and unique - they are all one of kind. My hope is to share the breathtaking forest in Maine through my craft and creations.